Exploring and Deciding | Spring break

During the spring break, I start my research on what foundation/ministers do help young Qataris to start their own business. Even though I didn’t want to depend on other people, it was good to know that the government offers such a huge help to beginners.

At the beginning of my journey, I was thinking of contacting banks to help me starting the business, but I felt like I don’t need any authority or a group of people controlling my idea and altering my main purpose and the concept. I have heard so many reviews about how these places will force you to follow their rules and how -sometimes- they take the concept and the entire idea and share it with others to work on it with them.

I’m sure that these places have negatives and positives but for my business, I want to guide my self and other people on how to be an entrepreneur from scratch.

I’m really looking forward on how to get my commercial license with my studio name on it and start making products for my final exhibition, which I consider it to be a mock-up of my future studio and store.

Project 2 | Outcome & Reflection



The process of making the second project was really interesting because at the beginning I was lost and I didn’t know what should I make. I thought of making the first collection that represents my brand identity, in addition to the brand identity and its elements such as typography, colors, and what kind of products I will be creating.

I found an article that illustrated ten tips on how to identify your brand, I followed 4 tips and I created this brochure. In the first side, I wrote a brief introduction to my brand followed by the brand personality. I created a simple mockup of a variety of stationery and I applied my identity on it to create a system out of these products. One of the most important parts of the article that I found is what differentiate my brand from other similar business. On the back side of the brochure I put down the points that I worked with and I followed in order to have my brand identity and the mockup collection.

In this project, I learned how can I design an outcome that includes all the information that I want to deliver in a simple way and to take a break from the thesis research in order to have a fresh ready to work mind.I went through so many stressful moments but I learned how to control this stress and how to challenge myself when it comes to gathering the information and executing the final outcome.


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Objectives & Outcomes | Project 2

Objectives: what do you want to learn?

To understands that personalized communication emphasizes the professionalism and to show my customers and clients how far I’m willing to go to stand out. In addition, how to design stationary with high-quality materials, focus on the visual element as well as categorize my outcomes.


Outcomes: what are you anticipating/ what will you ended up with?

1- To explore more with how to build my own identity for my business by creating variations of stationary and showcase my collections as well as to expand my brand identity. The entire goal is to have beautiful branding throughout the company and the products.

Inspiration | Project 2


For project two, I struggled a lot because I didn’t know what should I make even though I did a long research and I found so many helpful books but I struggled with the outcome and its content.

I decided to create a booklet or a brochure that contains an introduction to my brand, showing the brand personality thru a mockup of a collection as well as illustrating my graphic design services.


this is one of the most helpful books that I found, it contains so many examples of brand identity and stationery.